The big #CapricornChallenge winner!

Posted on 19/12/2012 by Ethel

Merry Christmas goaties!

How are you all? Are you getting ready for some festive fun? We have been decorating here at the farm and it looks lovely! Although, I have been told off by the farmer’s wife for chewing at all the decorations *slaps hooves*….
That said! I have my own little Christmas gift to bestow. It is finally time for me to reveal who our overall #CapricornChallenge champion, and winner of the Babington House prize, is! I can’t believe the challenge has come to an end already *sob*
I’ve had such a fabulous 2012 with you lovelies, reading and sharing all your goaty-licious recipes! We began the #CapricornChallenge back in June, where I sent cheesy Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese hampers to fifty of you creative (and hungry!) foodies…
You responded with such original, tasty and beautiful-looking recipes and I grazed through them all (YUM!) picking the best recipe every month to share with you all.
So! After picking six of my favourite recipes and six finalists I have chosen my favourite recipe of them all.
*hooves tapping drum roll*
It is… the hoof-lickingly good Goats Cheese Soufflé with Cider Poached Pear & Fig by the wonderfully talented Fleur of HomemadebyFleur!! This recipe hits all the goat-y spots just right – a wonderful combination of my delicious cheese with sumptuous pears and figs – yummers. Also, this one is technically very challenging and Fleur pulled it off like a pro, well done, Fleur! I hope you enjoy a fantastic time at Babington House, I must say I would love a trip to the Cowshed Spa right now for some pre festive horn sparkle. And not forgetting your year’s supply of Capricorn Somerset Goats Cheese - delish
A massive thank you from the farm to everyone who entered! We cannot thank you enough for your delicious goat-y creations and we hope you had a baaa-rilliant time making them.
I wish you all a great Christmas and will see you in 2013!
Bleat ya later!
Ethel x
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It’s official - Beryl wins Ready, Steady, BLEAT competition!

Posted on 25/10/2011 by Dot

Ok ladies, gents and goats – drum roll please....

I’ve spent all week counting, checking and re-checking the number of re-bleats for Ethel’s Moroccan Spiced Goats Cheese Meze and Beryl’s Rocket, Olive, Sunblushed Tomato and Goats Cheese Pizza recipes...sounds pretty straightforward, but it’s pretty hard when you’ve only got hooves for hands!

Before I announce the winner, I want to give an official bleat-out to the girls who, in my humble opinion, goatally saved their best recipes ‘til last. The herd and I really hope you love them as much as we do – and that you will carry on cooking and sharing them with fellow your Capricorn® Goats Cheese fans after the competition has wrapped up.
Speaking of – without further ado, it is with great pride that I goatficially announce the overall winner of the Capricorn Goats Cheese Ready, Steady, Bleat recipe competition is.....#capricornhot!
 CONGRATULATIONS BERYL! This formally, officially and unequivocally makes you the ultimate, bestest, greatest goat chef in all of Somerset!
Beryl, you have my permission to spend the next few weeks gloating about your win – but heed my warning: Ethel’s going to be cheesed off as it was horn to horn all the way. In fact, for two of the five competition weeks the humans voted her #capricorncold the most delish, so don’t get too carried away! 
A huge thanks goes out to all our supporters who have been following us, trying our recipes and re-bleating to show your support. It’s one thing for us to come up with these recipes, but an entirely different feeling to know they’ve been tried and tested by humans :)  
Thanks to all the bloggers and bleaters who have got involved – we’ve made lots of lovely new foodie friends!

We’ll still be bleating our thoughts regularly, so see you kids on Twitter! 

@DotTheGoat, @EthelTheGoat and @BerylTheGoat


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My 5th and final recipe - Rocket, Olive, Sunblushed Tomato and Capricorn® Goats Cheese Pizza!

Posted on 13/10/2011 by Beryl

It’s the final week! I can smell victory – and it smells like yummy, gooey, melted goats cheese!

My well-deserved win last week makes it two wins a piece to me and Ethel, so we’ll be horn to horn in the final.
Now I don’t want to be called a bad sports-goat, but Ethel should probably be disqualified following her outrageous recipe submission last week - her #capricorncold Goats Cheese and Creamed Leek Tart actually needed to be cooked in an oven for a whole five minutes. Hardly a cold recipe was it?!

Anyway, I won despite her cheating and I’m going to take my winning streak all the way to the final. I’ve goatally been saving the best ‘til last – here’s my Rocket, Olive, Sunblushed Tomato and Capricorn® Goats Cheese Pizza!

Serves 2

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 6-8 minutes
        1 x 100g Capricorn® Goats Cheese
        2 ready-made pizza bases
        125g tomato passata
        ½  red onion, sliced into rings
        80g sun-blushed tomatoes
        A handful of rocket
        A handful of pitted black olives
        Olive oil
        Sea salt
        Freshly ground black pepper
1.       Cover the pizza bases with a layer of tomato passata and add the rocket.
2.       Add the sun-blushed tomatoes and scatter the red onion rings over the top.
3.       Dice the Capricorn® Goats Cheese and sprinkle over, then finish off with a handful of black olives.
4.       Season with salt and pepper.
5.       Place the pizza in the middle of a pre-heated oven and cook at 180°C for 6-8 minutes.

6.       Serve with extra rocket as desired and a drizzle of olive oil.





Per serving: 722 calories, 28g fat (10g saturated fat)
Perfect for sharing, and on the table in just 10 minutes, it’s already been enjoyed by my friends @utterlyscrummy, @lazzza65 and @BernieJMitchell. Try it and let me know how you get on. It would be AMAZING to prove once and for all that hot goats cheese rules!!
So come on, re-bleat to make #capricornhot the overall recipe Ready, Steady, Bleat! competition WINNER!!
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Things You May Not Have Herd!

Posted on 12/05/2011 by Flo

We’re on a very simple mission – to get more people eating and enjoying our goats cheese.  

Myself, Beryl, Ethel, Dot and Eva can baaaaa-rely contain our excitement as this month we go on tour, campaigning for the nation to use more goats cheese when cooking, preparing a cheeseboard or looking for the perfect pairing for their favourite cracker.  

The girls and I have butted our heads together to share some amazing goats cheese facts.  Enjoy!

  1. Lower in cholesterol.  Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules than cow’s milk – meaning Capricorn Goats Cheese is lower in cholesterol whilst just as rich in calcium, an excellent source of quality proteins!
  2. The perfect substitute.  Goats cheese is a fabulous alternative for those unable to tolerate cow’s milk.
  3. For the sleepy heads.  Tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids contained in Capricorn Goats Cheese, has been shown to reduce stress and induce sleep.
  4. Variation is the spice of life.  Different breeds of dairy goat produce their own unique flavour of milk – which is why Capricorn Goats Cheese, made from the milk of goats that graze on the lush dairy pastures of Somerset, is so creamy and full of flavour!
  5. Hearty seafarers.  Goats are good on the water, so in the past they accompanied sailors at sea for months at a time – making them the firm favourite for milk supplies on long voyages.  Ahoy there matey!

Some of the girls are on Twitter too! You can follow @BeryltheGoat, @EtheltheGoat or @DottheGoat to stay up to date with all the goat gossip.

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London Totally Rocks!!!

Posted on 17/05/2011 by Eva

Goats On Tour is still going on in Soho Square and it’s been such an amazing day! I feel like a little celeb! Bleat!

Lots of humans have popped down to say hello and enjoy our delish goats cheese! London totally rocks!

Check out some of our bleats from the day so far:

  • Kind of hoping that I'm going to meet the Queen today! #bleat
  • Whoa!!! Just seen the biggest clock ever!!! #bleat #goatsontour
  • I've just seen TopShop! Omg! #bleat
  • There are lots of humans in London. Apart from the herd, I haven’t seen a single goat!? #bleat #GoatsOnTour
  • I only wear my special hat and goggles on special occassions such as #goatsontour #bleat

Follow me and the girls @ethelthegoat @berylthegoat @dotthegoat on Twitter if you can’t make it down to say hello!



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