Saturday, July 13th, 2024


Leather BBQ apron

When you are grilling on a barbecue, you always have the right tools. The barbecue, the right tools, the large piece of tender meat and the right herbs and spices. A leather BBQ apron must not be forgotten as it will protect you against the high flames, the stains of soot on your clothes and…

How do you barbecue bavette

Several times a month we get the question how best to prepare bavette on the barbecue. Bavette is incredibly tasty when prepared properly, but it can also be ruined very easily. Now there are many roads that lead to Rome but we are going to explain how we do it. what is bavette Bavette is…

How to barbecue the best turkey legs

We love turkey meat. But we don’t want to throw such a whole bird on the barbecue every time. And the best part of a turkey is the leg. The meat is juicier and much tastier than turkey breast. And such a huge leg is also big enough for dinner. However, it is a thing…

Wrap spare ribs with aluminum foil, butcher’s paper or not?

With spareribs there are many ways that lead to tender spareribs and no one is the best. But with which preparation do you get the best spare ribs? There’s only one way to find out. Then you fill your barbecue with spare ribs and prepare them in different ways. So we did. All for you….