When you are grilling on a barbecue, you always have the right tools. The barbecue, the right tools, the large piece of tender meat and the right herbs and spices. A leather BBQ apron must not be forgotten as it will protect you against the high flames, the stains of soot on your clothes and just to complete the whole look of grill master.

Choose from seven different types of leather and up to 21 different colors. The leather is carefully made by hand by experienced craftsmen. It is selected and imported from Italy as it meets our list of demands.

The leather BBQ aprons are standard equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. You can also add extra accessories to the apron to fully make it your own.

Add an extra pocket to your apron, where you can store herbs, spices or kitchen gear. This way you always have the gear within hand reach. You can also add a bottle holder to your apron, so you will never lose your drink ever again whilst standing behind the barbecue.

To make the apron fully personal, you can even laser your own name or the name of your company onto the leather of the aprons. How awesome is that!