Several times a month we get the question how best to prepare bavette on the barbecue. Bavette is incredibly tasty when prepared properly, but it can also be ruined very easily. Now there are many roads that lead to Rome but we are going to explain how we do it.

what is bavette
Bavette is a long piece of meat from the capture of the cow. The trap is the part between the buttocks and the chest of the cow. In America they talk about a flank steak. In England a London Broil. In Australia they call it a Jiffie steak. A large bavette is generally somewhere between 35 and 45 cm while a whole flank steak can be up to 1 meter long.

Bavette is stiff and coarse meat with a great taste. It is very lean meat, which of course does not benefit the tenderness. If the meat is cut in the right way, you won’t notice it much anymore.

If you like beef but don’t like the fat in, for example, a ribeye or a sirloin steak, this is the meat for you. A nice alternative to bavette is skirt steak, which has the same structure but is slightly fatter.

Buy your bavette from the butcher then ask for meat from a grain-fed beef. Meat from grass-fed cows is really tasty. The taste is more complex and a real treat for the beef lover. But grain-fed meat is more consistent in quality due to the controlled diet.